“The great work of this century is to usher the reconnection to nature – there’s nothing else that matters more” (Thomas Berry).

Welcome to The Shinrin-yoku Club!

The Shinrin-yoku Club aims to inspire people to (re)connect with nature, themselves, each other and this moment in time and to practice forest bathing on a regular basis. We organize small-scale guided forest bathing walks in nature both in the Amsterdam area and elsewhere. The walks are for individuals and groups of friends/family/colleagues/teams.

We also offer an option to combine the shinrin-yoku walk with an outdoor yoga class. Like shinrin-yoku, yoga has its very roots in feeling a connection with nature and the natural world. Practicing yoga outdoors, in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery and fresh oxygen gives you a boost of energy, strengthens your immune system and stimulates your senses. You can smell the plants and trees, have a wonderful view during your asanas and could listen to the sound of the birds. This will inspire, motivate and stimulate you.

For upcoming activities, please check our website or contact us in case you want to organize your own forest bathing trip or mini-retreat combined with outdoor yoga on a different date and time and need a certified forest bathing guide (and/or certified yoga teacher).

Marjolein Van Goor
The Shinrin-Yoku Club

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